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 General Tips

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PostSubject: General Tips   General Tips Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2007 9:14 am

Let's start with two fundamentals. Although you may be keen to dive back into the fray after each fight, it pays to stay under cover while your energy shields recharge, or until you have reloaded your weapons. On the subject of reloading the point is the same as in any campaign game, RELOAD OR DIE! It can not be overstated how important it is to enter battles with a full shield and full clip.

There is no such thing as "kill stealing" in free-for-all games, despite the avid protest of many players. It's every man, woman and Sangheili warrior for themselves. In team and objective oriented matches the good of the team comes first. Essentially, when you get the chance to put an opponent down, JUST DO IT!

Though you loose the ability to perform ranged attacks, you can still use equipment such as the portable airlift, energy drainer, etc while carrying a flag or bomb.

Get into the habit of using objects in your enviorment to your advantage. If your opponent is foolish enough to stand next to a power core, shoot it, not them. If you move into an area you plan to hold destroy anything that could be used to harm you.

In assult matches park a vehicle on to of the bomb arming spot. It is only a minor inconvenience to your enemy but it could buy your team valuble time to regroup and stop the bomb from being armed.

In CTF matches park a vehicle next to the flag. Many times the opponent will accidently hop into the vehicle instead of grabbing the flag. If you have a tank available they must move it to get to the flag. Make sure and keep someone close by to eliminate the threat or you could be giving your enemy the gift of a rapid escape.


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General Tips
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