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 Team Tips

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PostSubject: Team Tips   Team Tips Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2007 10:14 am

In team games, don't rush to take vital weapons, equipment or vehicles if you're less than skilled at using them. Heres a hypothetical situation for you. A poor marksman with limited multiplayer experiance grabs a sniper rifle in a CTF game, and proceeds to fire shots at a distant Banshee before being assasinated by an opponent who steals the weapon. How will the teammates of this individual react? Let's just say that it's safe to assume that congrats and pats on the back won't be in order.

Communicationis absolutely essential in team play. It is important to be clear and concise, so use simple descriptive terms to identify areas and specific positions. If you don't know the name of an area refer to it by the nearest weapon spawn. On Valhala for example, "The flag is by the spartan laser spawn" tells your team exactly what they need to know. "The flag is in the middle" does not.

Try to use things you find for the good of the team. Even if you don't need a regenerator you may run into a heavily damaged teammate that does. Deploy it to help them recharge before the pursuing opponent catches up with you two and makes life difficult. Don't be greedy with items. Use them for the good of the team.

If your team does not intend to use certain vehicles it can be prudent to destroy them rather than allowing them to fall into enemy hands. Naturally this is a tactical decision that needs to be made by the whole team. You really wont be popular if you blow up a warthog your allies have marked for a specific strategy.

Camping around enemy spawn pints can cause confusion and irritation that will hamper thier efforts to plan and execute a cohesive strategy. If you realize you are being targeted in this way communicate it to your team and move swiftly to neautrilize this threat.

In team slayer, don't forget your wellbeing is of paramount importance. Aim to have a positive kill to death ratio. Every single demise you suffer is a point for the other team so it extremely unwise to throw your life away on skirmishes you have no chance of winning.

If you get the impression that your a late arrival to an organized group don't just go out to fight on your own. You will be wasting your time. Instead follow and observe your teammates and identify where you could be of the most use.

You can safely croutch-walk over deployed trip mines, though this is a dangerous trick to use, especially if an opponent spots you while you are creeping past one.

An evil trick to play on an opposing team is to pick up a trip mine and deploy it in the same spot as is spawns. A opponent in a rush or not heeding the warning signs may attempt to collect it. You can also plant them on vehicles and on man cannon landing spots.

The power drain has has an area of effect that passes through most walls. It will also roll through a bubble shield. If you toss one into a bubble shield inhabited by an opponent the effect will be contained within the bubble shield.

Above all else, avoid venturing off on your own. Unless directed to gaurd a specific spot or set up an ambush stay with your temmates. If you come upon a lone teammate pair up with him and let him know you are there. "On you" is a common phrase that lets a teammate know he has aquired a wingman to watch his back. It makes life easier for everyone.

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Team Tips
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