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 All about Skulls

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PostSubject: All about Skulls   All about Skulls Icon_minitimeSun Oct 07, 2007 9:59 am

Halo 3 features 13 hidden collectable skulls which, once obtained, are added to the campaign options screen. When activated they add a variety of interesting new effects that can have a profound influence on how you play campaign mode both in single player and co-op missions. Activated skulls add multipliers to points earned during the campaign. This is vital to gaining certain achievement milestones in the campaign.

If you need help finding the skulls there are many clan mates that know where they are and can assist you in finding them.

Once you have collected all of the 13 skulls (9 main and 4 ultra secret) now it is time to put them to use. There are several things you must know about the skulls First of these is the description and what they do when activated. For now we will only discuss the main 9 skulls. We will discuss the 4 ultra secret skulls later as they have little bearing on the scoring formula at this point.


Location: Sierra 117

Effect: In single player campaign session’s death leads to a penalty of being sent back to the beginning of the mission, or a rally point if you chose to start at one. In co-op sessions the death of one player will cause all players to be returned to the previous checkpoint.

Black Eye

Location: Crow’s Nest

Effect: You must hit enemies with melee attacks to restore your shield energy. No melee attacks = no shield recharge = death!

Tough Luck

Location: Tsavo Highway

Effect: Enemies become much more adept at diving away from grenades and certain other projectiles.


Location: The Storm

Effect: Boosts the frequency at which Grunts and Brutes throw grenades by a considerable degree, as well as the number of grenades they drop when they die.


Location: Floodgate

Effect: Deprives you of your motion tracker.


Location: The Ark

Effect: All weapons dropped by your enemies and allies contain much less ammunition or battery charge than usual.


Location: The Covenant

Effect: Promotes covenant to higher levels in their hierarchy. Higher levels = tougher enemies. In missions that contain Flood, the number of shielded forms is increased.


Location: Cortana

Effect: Heightens natural resistances and weaknesses of each enemy type, which means your choice of weapons requires a great deal more thought and forward planning.


Location: Halo

Effect: When this skull is active enemies have double their usual allocation of health points.

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All about Skulls
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