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 Scoring Table and multipliers

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Scoring Table and multipliers Empty
PostSubject: Scoring Table and multipliers   Scoring Table and multipliers Icon_minitimeSun Oct 07, 2007 10:59 am

The following is a breakdown of the scoring table and scoring multipliers as listed in the Halo 3 strategy guide. It is listed as follows – (Type, Class, Base value)

Enemy scores:


Brute, Infantry, 20

Brute (Jump Pack), Specialist, 30

Brute Bodyguard, Specialist, 30

Brute Captain, Leader, 50

Brute Chieftain, Hero, 150

Brute Stalker, Specialist, 30

Brute Tracker, Specialist, 30

Drone, Infantry, 10

Grunt, Infantry, 10

Grunt (Heavy & Ultra), Specialist, 10

Hunter, Specialist, 150

Jackal, Infantry, 15

Jackal Sniper, Specialist, 20


Carrier Form, Infantry, 10

Combat Form, Infantry, 15

Combat Form (Shielded), Infantry, 20

Pure Form: Ranged, Specialist, 30

Pure Form: Stalker, Specialist, 20

Pure Form: Tank, Specialist, 50


Sentinel, Infantry, 5

Enemy Vehicle Scores:

Banshee, Standard, 100

Banshee (ambient), Standard, 50

Chopper, Light, 100

Ghost, Light, 100

Prowler, Standard, 150

Shade, Light, 50

Wraith, Heavy, 200

Next are the style multipliers. These multiply the score for a given kill based on a specific action taken.

Grenade Stick: Multiplier (1.25)

Only counts for the “stuck” enemy, though a multi kill bonus may be awarded of others are taken out by the blast.

Headshot: Multiplier (1.25)

Applies to Brutes, Grunts, Jackals, and Combat Forms when you hit the infection forms embedded in their chests. Cumulative with EMP.

Stealth Kill: Multiplier (1.25)

Only applies if your adversary is completely oblivious to your presence when you land a melee attack.

Road-Kill: Multiplier (1.25)

Applied when you dispatch an enemy by slamming them with a vehicle.

Multi-Kill: Multiplier (1.25)

Awarded when you kill 3 or more enemies within 1.5 seconds.

Needler Superdetonation: Multiplier (1.25)

End an opponent’s life with a satisfyingly large Needler-fueled bang, and this bonus is just the icing on the cake.

EMP: Multiplier (1.25)

Awarded for killing a Brute or shield-bearing Jackal within 3 seconds of destroying their shields with a charged Plasma Pistol shot or Power Drain.

Next are the Difficulty Multipliers listed as (setting, Multiplier)

Easy, 0.25

Normal, 1.0

Heroic, 2.0

Legendary, 4.0

Next are the Skull Multipliers listed as (Skull, Multiplier)

Iron, 3

Black Eye, 1.5

Tough Luck, 1.5

Catch, 1.5

Fog, 1.5

Famine, 2

Thunderstorm, 1.5

Tilt, 2

Mythic, 2

Next are the death penalties. Dying or voluntarily returning to the previous checkpoint leads to a base penalty of 25 points being deducted from your score. This total is subject to the effects of difficulty and skull multipliers. Listed as (Ally, Base Penalty)

Arbiter, 50

Elite, 50

Marine/Civilian, 50

ODST, 100

Marine Sergeant, 100

Sentinel, 5

Hornet, 150

Mongoose, 50

Pelican, 200

Scorpion, 200

Warthog, 150

Gauss Warthog, 100

Scoring Table and multipliers Missionstatement1ka8

Scoring Table and multipliers Deathstrader_sig

Scoring Table and multipliers 21485

Scoring Table and multipliers 30752

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Scoring Table and multipliers
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