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 Rank Duties and Requirements for Gaining Rank

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Rank Duties and Requirements for Gaining Rank Empty
PostSubject: Rank Duties and Requirements for Gaining Rank   Rank Duties and Requirements for Gaining Rank Icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 12:18 am

Ranks & Duties
Privates- Stay in symbol color, register on the EG web site and join in your group.
PFC- Recruit 1 persons to stay in at least for 10 days
Corporal- Post comments on the web site and inform the Captain or Lieutenant of new recruits and attend Clan

SGT- Keep comments and Host Clan practice.

MSG- Play in tournaments or assist in graphics dept.
WO- Inform Captains and Lieutenant of the new recruits, misconduct and who can gain rank.
Lieutenant- Inform Captain or Chief officers of new recruits, misconduct and take on responsibility of captain
when he/she isnít available. Also inform the captain before changing anything.

Captain- Keep your squad in order and talk with other captains about individuals behavior if good or bad. Also
work with the Chief Officer in day to day duties in the operation of your team.

Requirements for Gaining Rank, With Rank comes Reasponsibilities.

Privates- To obtain PFC( Private First Class), you must register on the website stay in uniform with insignia and
colors as well as sign up for your group. Which will be EG Empire.

PFC( Private First Class) - You must stay in EG Empire for at least 10 days as well as recruiting 1 person to obtain

Corporal- You must post at least 5 things or reply 5 times to posts to be eligible for SGT.

SGT- You have to host at least 5 clan practices to be eligible for MSGT .

MSGT- In order to become eligible for the WO position you must participate in a tournament, do graphic
designs or something dealing with the web site.

WO- In order to move up to Lit position, the current Lit and Captains must see that you are capable of handeling
the responsibility. WO's are the right hand of the Lit. WO's are in training to become Lieutenant's.

Lieutenants- You are the right hand of the Captains. You must show captains you can take on a squad. You are
in training to become a Captain. You and your Co's will evaluate potential replacements for your position. It is
up to you to train your replacement. Your position is one of responsibility and will take dedication to be
successfull. You will also report who is a new recruit in the clan and assist them in becomeing a valued member
in our gaming community.

Captains- To obtain a Chief Officer position, you must show you can take on the responsibilities of a Entire Team/Clan

Corporal and up. If you have completed your responsibility it doesnít mean that you will be able to
gain rank right away, you must wait for a position to open. Captains will train their replacement in the day to
day workings of the team.

Private and PFC will be able to gain rank automatically and when you reach the
position of corporal you will be informed what squad you will be placed in, which can only be done by
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Rank Duties and Requirements for Gaining Rank
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