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EGM Blice IN
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EGM Blice IN

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PostSubject: EGCL....   Thu Nov 08, 2007 1:15 am

Im posting this here in hopes more people will read it and respond....

well guys i have redid this whole thing to make it easier to understand. So i would appreciate it if you would read this again, or if you havnt read it yet read it now and tell me what you think. It is more detailed and easier to understand. Also due to there not being very many clans in EGL, i have done things a little differently. Check it out...

(Team set up)

There will be Two Divisions

  1. EG GOLD
  2. EG BLUE

10 teams (5 for each division)
Each team will be teams of four.
These teams will be made up of clans or leadership. The first 10 that come to me will be involved.
Every one has their own home field. Custom maps not acceptable.
Fields will be chosen by a draft to be set at a later time.


We will have a thirteen game season. You will play every one in your division twice, and every one from the other division once. Games will take place on Saturdays between 1 - 3 pm


Each team plays in the playoffs. The best team in each conference has a bye until division championship game. The other four compete in elimination style bracket. Best team always plays the worst. The Death Bowl (our Super Bowl) will be played by the best team in each division.

(Death Bowl)

The field will be chosen be all members of eg by voting on the website. Every field is in the vote accept the home fields of the teams participating and sandtrap. The team with the best record will be considered home team.Winner will recieve a sig stating they are the champs and have bragging rights.

(match regulations)

Regular Season

  • 4v4 matches
  • Games are divided into 4 matches (like NFL's 4 quarters)
  • Home team picks first and last gametype. Away team picks second and third gametype. If game ends up tied, it goes into SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME!
  • Home team chooses team color first. Then the away team can pick theirs.


  • Only difference is home team gets to pick every game in the match.

Death Bowl

  • Gametypes will be randomly chosen out of a hat by me. This is to keep the championship game neutral and gives no edge to anybody.
(Stats and Video)

I will appoint someone different for each game to upload the video for that game to their file share. This is so someone can download your video and try to create a strategy to use against your strategy. This will keep the game more competitive and make you have to change your strategies to keep winning. I will also appoint someone to write down stats for each game. At a later date i will determine which stats will be kept.

(Match Rules)

The only kind of matches we use are Slayer, Capture the Flag, Oddball, Territories, Assault, and King of the Hill. Here are more detailed descriptions...


  • 10 min. time limit
  • first to 25 kills (S.W.A.T. goes to 50)
  • Available Varients are: Standard, Swat, Shottie Snipes, Team Snipes, Swords and Hammers, Team Swords, Team Hammers, Team Rockets, Team Shotguns, Team Lasers, Human Weapons, and Covenant Weapons.

Capture The Flag

  • 3 Rounds
  • 5 min. a piece
  • 3 captures to win round
  • No special weapon types.
  • Available Varients are: Multi Flag and One flag


  • 3 Rounds
  • 5 min. a piece
  • 1 detonation to win round
  • No special weapon types
  • Available Varients are: Standard, Neutral Bomb, and One Bomb


  • 10 min time limit
  • 2 min to win
  • No special weapon types
  • Available Varients are: Standard

King of the Hill

  • 10 min. time limit
  • 2 min. to win
  • Special weapon types not allowed
  • Available varients are: Standard Team


  • 3 Rounds
  • 5 min. a round
  • Special weapon types not allowed
  • Available varients are: Territories, Land Grab, and Flag Rally
(Sudden Death Overtime Rules)

Sudden Death Overtime will always be Elimination Slayer. Each player has two lives and use standard may weapon settings. Team who runs out of all their lives looses.

well ladies and gentlemen i hope this appeals to many of you like it has me. Remember each clan can only have one team participate. First ten (well nine since i already have mine) will get a spot. So please send me your teams to reserve your spot.

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