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 Rank Responsibilities

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Command Master Chief

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PostSubject: Rank Responsibilities   Rank Responsibilities Icon_minitimeSat Dec 01, 2007 2:55 pm

Rank Responsibilities

  • First Class Officer: FCO's are responsible for running the day to day business of the team. That includes handling minor issues, helping with the organization of the team, running meetings when necessary, double checking the team list, and most important, keeping the Chief Officer informed of all issues. Get to know all of the members on the team to ensure good communication through out. Always work closely with the Chief Officer to maintain a successful team. You should know the gaming codes of your division, and help the Chief Officer enforce them.

  • Chief Officers: Co's are responsible for making sure everyone on the team is trained properly, ie. the use of the forums, EG WORLD, personal conduct, etc. Over see the FCO(s) helping them learn their responsibilities to their full potential. Communicate information from the Senior Chiefs with the team and vice versa. Keep the forums updated with current information concerning the team you are running. Co's may approve EG gamertags. Co's are responible for dealing with issues that require minor disciplinary actions against a member. Communicate major issues with a SC. Keep the SC informed of what's going on in the community at all times. You should be an example of the gaming codes for your division, and act accordingly at all times.

  • Senior Chiefs: Stay in contact with the CO's. Help them deal with major issues. Teach them how to run successful teams and maintain them. Moderate the forums. Communicate information from higher ranks to the rest of the community, and vice versa accurately. Handle transfers between teams. Make sure CO's are enforcing the gaming codes and rank structure through out the community. Get to know the FCO's, as it's your responsibility to promote CO's. SC's have the authority to split teams accordingly. You should know the gaming codes for your division in detail, and help CO's with the interpretation, and application of them when handling issues.

  • Master Chiefs: Help the Command Master Chiefs make decisions for the entire community. Help the community when ever it's needed, with what ever is needed. There should be nothing about the community you don't know. It's your job to oversee the entire community, and make sure it's running smooth. Make sure everyone, at all levels, are doing their job within the best interest of the community. By now you have demonstrated a pristine working knowledge of the gaming codes, and must work closely with the Command Master Chiefs to continuously improve the community.

  • Command Master Chiefs: Work together to make sure the entire community runs as smooth as possible, giving everyone an enjoyable gaming experience. To stay informed on the entire community, and how it's running. Make decisions that will ensure the continued success of the community as a whole.

Rank Responsibilities HorrorEye23
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Rank Responsibilities
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