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 4v4 Narrows Strategy

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4v4 Narrows Strategy Empty
PostSubject: 4v4 Narrows Strategy   4v4 Narrows Strategy Icon_minitimeSat Dec 22, 2007 3:39 am

Narrows is one of my favorite maps, for multiple reasons. The key ones being that:

A. There's no portion of the map that you can lockdown that is impenetrable.

B. Even if you gain primary weapon control - with respawn rates/teamwork/and weapon variety there's always a possibility of losing.

C. While the maps are symmetrical, the equipment/power-ups have their own defensenive/offensive countermeasures.

Scenario 1:

Your sniper and a support teammate rush the Sniper spawn together. The teammate holding the AR rushes to the plasma nades while the sniper grabs the 50 cal. The AR person then rushes the shotgun while the sniper moves forward to the ramp to the upper bridge that allows for full view of the enemy sniper spawn to cover the teammate controlling the shotgun. At the same time, the other two teammates should be rushing the rockets. Both of these players need to be effective with the BR to gain control of rockets. It's important that neither goes for the mauler. If one of them goes for the mauler, that's time cut down from the rush to the rocket that could be the determining factor as to whether or not you gain control. Once control of the rockets has been attained, both players should eliminate any threats on the upper bridge, then proceed down opposite ramps to rush the enemy sniper. At this point in time, you should already have covering fire from your own sniper down low, and the AR/Shotgun spartan should be running forward peppering anyone attempting to fire the sniper or grab it. If the player/players rushing the sniper have not already been taken down, it should be a cleanup job for the rockets and BR. After gaining control of both Sniper rifles, one sniper with AR/Shotgun support should drop down for the powerup under the bridge. The other sniper with Rocket/BR support should move to the upper level of the bridge to eliminate any threats attempting to make thier way over. As soon as the powerup is controlled the Sniper and AR/Shotgun should move to the upper level and rejoin their team(grabbing whatever equipment is on their side on the way). Utilizing covering fire from the snipers, the Rockets/BR and AR/Shotgun should cross the bridge to the second base. Once the base has been cleared, or confirmed clear, the snipers should move in walking backwards to keep an eye on the rear. As they move backwards toward the base, the rockets should move up for support, while the AR/Shotgun switches out his AR for a BR. Once the BR/Shotgun moves forward to assist with rocket support, the Sniper with AR secondary should move back to get the other BR. The Rocket/BR should cover the forefront with a Sniper/BR on one of the rises beside one of the lower bridge ramps. The first barrier will be the Sniper/BR's saving grace and shield when needed. The Second Sniper/BR should be positioned on the back platform to cover anyone getting too close to the frontlines sniper or anyone engaging the Rocket/BR. The BR/Shotgun should have picked up either the Bubble or Power Drainer to utilize in the defense of the secondary sniper. Also, as long as no one is coming from the left and right flanks, he's to assist the team in killing any upper bridge crossers.

Scenario 2:

The ending formation will be the same as in the first scenario. The only difference will be the starting attack formation.

The two strongest BR players should take control of the BR's while the two remaining teammates rush the Rockets with their AR's. Eliminate any threats and gain control of the Rockets. When gaining control of the Rockets make sure the BR carriers are flanking from the outer sections of the bridge. This way, an AR person gains control of the rockets, and the BR carriers(after all threats on the bridge are eliminated), should each jump on the edge of their respective sides of the bridge. That way they can watch for the Sniper if he tries to leave the Sniper Spawn area, and give the Rockets a heads up as to the point of attack. If the Sniper is still down at spawn, drop down from both ramps and eliminate the sniper threat, gaining control of his sniper rifle. Then pull back to your sniper spawn and gain control of it, all the while making sure one of your AR carriers picks up the shotgun. Move back up to the BR spawns, and commence to use the setup provided in Scenario 1.

As with the sniper guide, I'm not claiming these are the perfect strategies. I'm merely stating strategies that have been highly effective when playing with my friends(on the rare occasion that is). Hopefully this will assist some of you in attaining more wins on Narrows. Maybe it'll just be a guide to get you started until you figure out something better. Anyone with another effective strategy, please feel free to post it, or make slight modifications to my own if you notice something that might work better. All criticism welcome.
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4v4 Narrows Strategy
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