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 A Guide To Sniper Roles

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PostSubject: A Guide To Sniper Roles   A Guide To Sniper Roles Icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2007 3:55 pm


Get some sound advice right here! Some of this advice will be appropriate for other gametypes, but this advice is given with TS in mind when playing a Sniper role. Only read if you give a crap about teamwork, otherwise you're wasting your time!

Sniper - The Sniper is a key player on almost every team, in almost every gametype. If your team has a lackluster sniper, while the opposing team has a pinpoint sniper, it can have a devestating effect on the outcome of the game. As a Sniper, you have to take your teammates playstyles into consideration.

First Team Pattern:
Tight Knit Movement - If you're playing on a team that sticks together well, and traverses the map in patterns meant to maintain an element of surprise, while providing strategical advantages...you are strictly a support character. Move with your team, but keep yourself in the middle of the V pattern(so to speak) to provide cover for every teammate at any given moment.

Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle - Why? It's effective for close range combat in case an enemy sneaks through the V pattern to you, but also allows you to be moderately effective at medium ranges for moments where the sniper isn't plausible.

Equipment Setup: Bubble Shield - Why? You're support, if a teammate's getting hurt and needs to drop back, you're his covering fire, and saving grace when the Bubble's dropped.

Second Team Pattern:
Defensive Lockdown - If you're playing on a team that has a strategical lockdown of a base or close quarters location, you are the superstar. You need to have pinpoint accuracy and be ready to headshot at a moment's notice. Only attempt to play this position if you know you're a crack shot.

Secondary Weapon: Battle Rifle - Why? First and foremost, with a Defensive Lockdown team, no opponent should get close enough for you to need a close range weapon. If you get bombarded with grenades or are engaged from multiple points of attack, odds are you won't be able to get an effective shot off. You can't afford to waste sniper bullets in this role, so this is the time of the BR. Focus fire with your team and take down your enemies at a rapid rate. If given the opportunity, switch back to your sniper after you've eliminated some of the more dangerous threats.

Equipment Setup: Regenerator - Why? I believe the Regenerator is more effective than the Bubble Shield due to the fact that, a lot of times, when you are playing a Defensive Lockdown pattern, your teammates are in extremely close proximity to you. If you throwdown a Regenerator, it benefits everyone on the team around you. If you throw down a Bubble Shield, it could possibly effect a teammates ability to engage an enemy, and allow the enemy to get out of site, out of kill range, or attain a better strategical vantage point.

Third Team Pattern:
Regional Lockdown - If you're playing on a team that has a strategical lockdown of a broader portion of the map, you are a Primary Support player. Basically, half-superstar/half-support. In this role, you should be the assist king. Pinpoint accuracy not required. Your main objective is to hit the enemy with the sniper. If you get a bodyshot, move on to the next enemy and save your sniper bullets! This setup should be to the point to where your teammate can clean the enemy up so it should be alright for you to fire and forget. If you get a headshot, all the better!

Secondary Weapon: Battle Rifle/AR - Why the judgement call? If you have supreme confidence in your teammates, I would suggest utilizing the Battle Rifle in your arsenal. This allows you to play the support role even in tight spots where you otherwise might waste a sniper round. If you have confidence in your teammates, but feel like the odds are against them keeping the enemy at bay the entire game, I'd advise you to use the AR. You can still provide some minimal support for your teammates in the tight spots, and it allows you to have an effective tool if an enemy slips past the line.

Equipment Setup: Bubble Shield - Why? The Bubble Shield will allow you to protect yourself if an enemy at a distance has somehow brought your shields dangerously low. Also, it provides you with some cover and manueverability options if a major threat surfaces at close range.

Fourth Team Pattern:
Lone Rangers - If you're playing on a team that has no teamwork whatsoever, you become a key player...and a very vulnerable one. This is the most common team type, and it's imperative that you choose your position wisely, and play extremely smart. Only your wits and skill will keep you alive. You can't rely on your team. Don't grab the sniper unless you're extremely impressive with it, when playing with this team type.

Secondary Weapon: Battle Rifle or Shotgun/Sword/Hammer/Mauler - Why the judgement call? If you're someone that likes to be rather gung-ho, I'd advise you to take the Battle Rifle. Keep yourself in areas where you aren't in the wide, but where you also have an excellent spectrum of the field. This allows you to pick people off with your sniper and have a good view of the field around you so it will make it relatively hard for them to sneak up on you at close range. The close range weaponry should be utilized if you play my role in these games, which is closed quarters defensive. Find a good cave entrance, rock formation, etc. that provides you with excellent cover to snipe from. If you encounter close range combat, you have an extremely effective tool to dominate your opponent with, it's all about your own ability from there on out. Sidenote: If someone's moderately close range, don't try to get a quick snipe, use your weaponry to your advantage and pull back into cover. Make them earn their kill, don't wait till you're almost dead to utilize the right tool for the job.

Equipment Setup: Bubble Shield/Radar Jammer - Why the judgement call? Preferably you'll use the Bubble Shield. If you get in trouble, drop the Bubble and use your close range weaponry to obliterate your opposition if they step into your protective domain. Another effective tool is the Radar Jammer. If you don't want to be pinned down to a domed safety zone. Whip out your melee meanness and drop the radar jammer. You'll have to play it smart, but you should be able to persevere with the dominant weaponry.

Closing thought - The most important thing to remember when playing the Sniper role....know your weakness! If you know you can't no scope, don't try it. Use your secondary and save those bullets! If you can't headshot someone out of a vehicle, dont' waste your bullets! There are Missle Pods, Nades, Trip Mines, Spartan Lasers, Power Drainers, and Plasma Pistols to handle vehicles if need be. If you can't hit a Spartan/Elite in general - What the hell are you doing sniping?!?!

Hopefully this guide has been helpful to someone, somewhere. It's allowed me to be an effective player and teammate on numerous occasions. Do I make mistakes and sometimes get a stackfull of pwncakes shoved into my mouth? Yes. For the most part though, those times are few and far between. If you have any of your own tips/trick/suggestions, feel free to comment and correct. Kudos's are welcome too A Guide To Sniper Roles Icon_smile
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A Guide To Sniper Roles
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