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 Agenda for Practices

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Forum Newb

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Agenda for Practices Empty
PostSubject: Agenda for Practices   Agenda for Practices Icon_minitimeThu Jan 17, 2008 11:05 am

So far in out practices we have really only had meetings. although we have gone into some matches, we need to do more. i suggest that for each practice we do 5 Team Deathmatches 5 Sobatage and 3 of any other games that the group would like to play. this way we are learning about eachother and having fun at the same time. now this isnt official but i would like to have the practices set up somthing like this. comment anyway you want, whether you dissagree or not. and thre will be a OPTIONAL PRACTICE tonight at 9 pm. it is optional so attending is not neccassary and you will not be held accountable for not showing up, however if anyone does get on your case for not coming tell Eskimo,Aztek, or myself and we will take it from there. Thnx.
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Agenda for Practices
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